Cross-border Tax

Cross-border Tax

Non-residents US Citizens and Residents

KTL is pleased to serve non-residents of Canada owning Canadian income generating properties. Whether you are purchasing an income property for the first time or selling your property, KTL can provide the most up-to-date investment tax advice and ensure compliance with all Canadian tax regulations relating to your investment income. Let KTL take care of filing your personal income tax return on time and calculate the required tax withholding amounts, so that all you must look forward to is reaping the benefit of your Canadian investment.

Whether you are a U.S. citizen or green card holder resident in Canada, KTL has tax advisors who bring an in-depth understanding of tax laws on both sides of the border, helping you avoid or minimize double taxation.

See the FBAR Client Pro Forma Here.

Find more information at The official FBAR Website

Canadians with US Investments and Rental Property

As a Canadian accumulating wealth, it is likely that U.S. marketable securities are part of your investment assets. In addition, you may be looking to spend some time relaxing in warmer climates. The U.S. is a popular choice for Canadians looking for a vacation destination or to own a vacation residence. Any of these three scenarios can subject you, as a Canadian, to U.S. tax. The U.S. tax consequences will be different for an individual who is a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder than for someone who is not. KTL can help you prepare for and address the U.S. tax consequences

ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) US Corporate Tax

KTL ‘s Enrolled Agent can assist you in applying for an ITIN required for US tax filing purposes. 

Our US tax compliance services include:

  • Corporate tax compliance
    • Federal and State level income tax preparation; and
  • Business information reporting, at the Federal and State level.


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