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KTL Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. is able to assist you with both your Canadian and U.S. tax filing requirements.  We provide assistance in both immediate and long term financial plans, as well as advising on the tax implications of investments, major personal financial decisions and significant life events.  We also review and reply to any Canada Revenue Agency and IRS enquiries and assessments on your behalf.

In business, virtually everything you do has tax implications.  In addition,  every year tax laws and interpretations change and become more complex. That’s why it is important to have a team of advisors who fully understand your business, and who can ensure that it complies with applicable laws and maximize returns.

From corporate structuring and executive remuneration to intercompany transactions and provincial, capital and payroll taxes, KTL reviews all facets of your business to minimize your tax liabilities.

KTL can help you meet all your tax compliance and reporting requirements, including:

  • · Prepare tax and information returns, tax estimates and instalments
  • · Advice on tax deferral and filing positions
  • · Prepare Canada Revenue Agency ruling requests


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  • 604-276-2636

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